Last update: December 2022

What is Focus Market?

It is an NFT-based platform that allows everyone involved to create and transfer value in the photography space.

When is the marketplace launching?

Focus Market will be launching its Open Marketplace in Q1-2023. This will be followed by the launch of the Stock Image Library and Curated sections of the marketplace in Q3 and Q4 respectively. The platform is more than just an NFT marketplace for photographic assets, it is a fully-fledged ecosystem that will continue adding features and growing over the next couple of years.

What is the Focus Market community?

The community will be all the various stakeholders that are involved in the Focus Market ecosystem. This includes the creators (photo artists), the collectors (buyers), firms, brands and holders of FOCUS tokens.

What do you mean by the Focus Market ecosystem?

Think of Focus Market as being a platform where you can get involved in many different aspects of the photography space. The ecosystem will allow all community members to socialize, network, create value, empower and educate each other all within the photography space. This was something that the photography space was asking for.

How does NFT technology fit into this vision?

Focus Market is a platform that is built with blockchain and NFT technology being at the core of the ecosystem. With NFTs, you can create, share and transfer value quickly, efficiently and with full publicly audited proof of ownership. This makes this technology ideal for photographic assets.

How does the FOCUS token fit into the Focus Market platform?

The whole ecosystem within the platform will be powered by FOCUS tokens. It’s similar to a typical economy that uses a currency (eg USD) as legal tender. In the Focus Market platform, FOCUS tokens will be used for all aspects of value creation and transfer. They will also be needed for proof of membership and staking.

Is Focus Market similar to OpenSea?

The platform will have an Open Marketplace for photographic assets, in this regard, it will be similar to OpenSea but for photographic assets. However, the platform is much more than just a marketplace for photographic assets, it’s a fully-fledged ecosystem to create and transfer value in this space.

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