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Release Note - Version 2.0

19 December, 2022
Focus Market - Marketplace Version 2.0 Release Notes - This version is first offered to Beta Testers on 1 January, 2023


This Marketplace Version 2.0 provides a number of new key functionalities and development of advanced features, resolution of known issues, general improvement following quality assurance testing, major & minor bug fixing, improved API compatibility, endpoint security upgrades, cosmetics, core graphics, design and UI/UX enhancement.


New & Improved Features

  • NFT minting - Business logic review, mint first and on a second step (optional) list your NFT
  • Collection creation - Create a collection and add the new NFT or add the NFT to an existing collection
  • NFT listing - List NFT for a price on the asset page and chose the number of copies, visualise the price history, transactions, etc.
  • NFT auction - Put the NFT on auction
  • Buy a listed NFT - Easier and more responsive option to buy a listed NFT
  • NFT auction bidding - Bid for an NFT on an existing auction
  • Claim bought NFT - At the end of an auction, claim the copy NFT and insert in user’s cryptowallet
  • Users account & profile - Improved visualisation of users profile and NFTs
  • Other users accounts - Possibility to check other users account, profile and NFT
  • Own profile management - Improved visualisation of own account with improved options to modify and delete. The standard profile creation process is done when a user connects to his/her MetaMask Wallet, then these new feature allow you to edit the profile to add more information
  • NFTs visualisation - Improved single NFTs and collection visualisation with chronological priority and better use of filters to navigate the listed NFTs. All minted NFTs show in the main page

Endpoint Security

Known Issues

Improved third-party APIs and security integration

Technology Platform

Stability & Improvements

  • Assessment of all architectural components and rationalisation of all 3rd party providers
  • 3rd party plans upgrade for carrier-grade efficiency and better support with stron SLAs

Discovery UI/UX

Known Issues

Improved NFT visualisation in marketplace landing page



Improvements and enhancements via better use of Google Analytics to provide better customer support and improve UI/UX design refinement for the end user

Customer Support


Improved integration with with 3rd part solution:
  • Zendesk for technical support and trouble ticketing
  • Hubspot for general customer support management
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